Saturday, February 5, 2011

No, Thank You MAC

It has been ages since I have purchased anything from MAC. Were talking, probably 2 years. Not because I don't use their products anymore, but (for a product-whore like myself) it simply takes a few years to get through everything I accumulate.

I am very aware of the fact that MAC obtained my personal information upon my very first visit. This reality was refreshed last year when my Aunt purchased her first piece of MAC makeup (a clear lip gloss, because colour or sparkle may actually kill her). When asked for her information, she basically told them to stuff it, and considered not purchasing at all. The idea of coughing up personal information along with the 20 bucks for a tiny gloss was too much for her to swallow. Interesting

Perhaps that is the difference between her decade and mine, though I do believe the younger generation is becoming leery of exposing themselves to a lifelong sentence of junk-mail in exchange for free bunny ears with the purchase of 10 frilly panties (real life promotion).

SO, I purchased an incredible lipstick (light pink glaze: HUE) around Christmas time. I was asked my name at the check out, I assume they access my account. There is likely a log of the purchases I have made within the last year, or so.

Fast forward to yesterday. I received a sealed white envelope with my name on it from MAC. I pulled out a solid black postcard. Classic, sleek, edgy. Large white letters "thank" me for my purchase and ask me to "visit them again soon!". What a pleasant and completely unexpected, not to mention unnecessary surprise. Excellent marketing. I will "return soon".

Top marks for simple and personal.


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