Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I must apologize in advance for the terrible photo quality. 90% of the pictures I plan on posting were taken about 24 minutes into my daily (yeah right) elliptical routine. All of them taken by my trusty Iphone, and all of them mid-stride.

I know what I like in an ad. I know it instantly. Though it’s much harder to explain what I don’t like. Bear with me.

Victim number one:

Effectively displays the vehicle, yes- Epic paragraph and all.
Effectively generates instant *yawn*, yes – that too.
However, I think the common looking content is slightly overridden by the charming play-on-words heading, “Guzzles people, not gas”. Clever, right?
Perhaps it is my interest in the environment that keeps attention (because a 4 door family-friendly SUV sure doesn’t.)

I give you a 6.5


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  2. Fantastic, of course I will follow! Thanks for reading