Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lancome Hologram Ad

My initial thoughts upon flipping this hefty page in Elle Canada’s magazine were: excessive, eye catching, enthusiastic, futuristic, bizarre. I pull the card from the page, play with the clear tack adhesive, flip the card over and realize it does serve some sort of wild purpose. It is in fact, a ticket. A ticket that invites you, the magazine purchaser, to an event you will not likely attend. An event that will likely be over by the time you find said magazine on a rack at your local gym, under a seat on a subway, or sitting on a glass table in your dentist’s waiting room.

The ticket ad is a structured hologram that flashes messages “Never so Simple”, and then “Never Messy”. I can only assume the relevance of the hologram is to represent their claim to provide a "pixel precise complexion". I’m fairly certain the ad itself could double as a weapon. Sharp, sturdy edges that could inflict a paper cut worthy of stitches. The actual device (a small soft cushion that vibrates the powder foundation on) looks neat. Personally, I try to avoid powder foundation and new vibrating products at all costs, but this ad almost makes me consider checking it out.
I saw Lancome's ad for the first time about a month ago. The fact that I remember it is a good sign. That being said, I have never personally used the product. But this lovely lady has: CLICK for product review

I dig it, but still:


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