Monday, February 23, 2009

Curling "Rocks"

Get it? No? The heavy thing you attempt to slide across the ice (without bodily harm) is called the "Rock". Now you think its funny eh?

This past week has been a fabulous little treat of daily adventures. The final excursion consisted of a full day of curling. 3 games, 6 ends per game, winner buys drinks (winner? I can deal with losing.) I curled in high school so I had my A game in gear. I was quite unaware of the pain that would hit the next day. I woak up thinking something along the lines of: Are there really muscles that high on my rib cage? It hurts to breath! How did my knee get that color?

Regardless, a smile was frozen on my face the entire day, likely due to early stages of hypothermia or the constant flow of 10:00 am ceasers.

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