Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to the Blogosphere

In Response to The State of the Live Web, April 2007

Technorati is an incredible Internet resource, founded by David Sifry, for searching blogs. Its search engine competes with the elite, including Google and Yahoo. As of June 2008, Technorati indexes 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. The name Technorati is a portmanteau, pointing to the technological version of literati, or intellectuals. (Thank you Wikipedia) The site won the SXSW 2006 awards for Best Technical Achievement and also Best of Show. It was also nominated for a 2006 Webby award for Best Practices, but lost to Flickr and Google Maps.

There is such an incredible and undeniable fascination with blogs these days. Anyone with an opinion and access to a computer is able to express and explore their uncensored personality's.. They are able to divulge anything from their daily routine to their favorite designers, or political views. This blessing of web 2.0 has left us with limitless connections to information. Blogs provide an open field of knowledge and it is through this social construct of tagging that we help people find specific ideas and points of view.

Anyone is able to use blogs as an outlet for daily venting, and more frequently during a crisis. For example the article explained that during the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah a volume of about 17 posts per second. In October 2006, Technorati was tracking about 1.3 million postings per day, about 15 posts per second.

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