Sunday, February 8, 2009

Disney wants to keep your kids healthy

Did you even expect to see Mickey Mouse's ear-to-ear grin on an your morning banana? Based on everything we have been taught in MIT, Disney is a living breathing, money hungry demon that hopes only to take over the world. I, for this reason, cannot condone the purchasing of of fruit and veg grown by a mouse. Disney has introduced a new brand called "Disney Garden" that uses fresh produce from over 15 growers and packaged with delightful Disney characters plastered all over them.
“Already available are peaches with Daisy Duck and Goofy stickers, and table grapes packaged in Mickey and Minnie Mouse boxes. Organic apples with Winnie the Pooh -- the mascot for Disney Garden organic selections -- are due out sometime in September.” (CNN)

It's a savvy move from this industry empire who, for the last decade, have provided toys for McDonalds munching children to enjoy. As Alanis would say, Isn't it ironic?

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  1. Healthwise, I think this is sort of an innovative way to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. I feel like most parents won't be very concerned with whether there is a sticker of a character on a piece of fruit or not, as long as their child eats it.
    On the other hand, it really unnerves me that Disney is able to infiltrate so many different markets so smoothly. It's an example of a conglomerate at its finest.

    Also, that picture of Nemo in sushi makes me kind fo sad.