Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Crazy Horsemen

This is the so called "poetry" that is violating my ears in my Canadian Lit class at this very second. Please feel free to stop watching after the first, oh, 23 seconds. I can hardly bear to look at these "poetic" fools on my page. They call themselves The Four Horsemen, which, after listening to their video, shouldn’t surprise you. They sound like Mad Cow infested barn animals with something to prove.

Video number 2, which I will not post for the sake of your ears, and sanity depicts a man yelling: “you are city hall my people look what you’ve become my people, you are city hall my people look what you’ve done” YELLLING. At the top of his tar tarnished, pot smoking lungs. He calls it “personal therapy, an analytic movement that directly ties into perceptual systems. Poetry he calls it. I call it a death wish. He is joined by a community of vocal therapists...the pain worsens. Now I understand why my professor refused to accept our essays until the end of class. Clearly to prevent bailing. What she can't prevent, is earplugs.
Now, I love poetry, I CAN see the beauty in it. I love the mystique of it. THIS? This is mind numbing ear-shattering “organic” BS...


  1. Are those humans making those noises? They sound more like machines. I'm all for humans making that have the talent to make noises that sound anything but human (i.e. beatboxers), but I would not call this poetry.