Monday, March 9, 2009

Super Ginseng Power

I am by NO means a pill popper. The days of Advil cures all “take’ll kick in faster”, are long gone. Growing up, I was force fed vitamins (MultiVitamin, Vit C, B12, mad Iron, and OMEGA-yuck). These days... I force feed myself these vitamins. The newest addition to the regime (introduced by my mum, who shoved an oversized bottle of it in my bag as I left for London) has been Siberian Ginseng. I don’t often get sick for long periods of time, but I do pick up things pretty easily
I have been taking 2 a day, (4 if you’re eager) for a little over 2 months now, and basically feel untouchable. Just about everyone in my house (5 other smokin’ ladies) has been sick during this time period... (I am convinced Di was on the verge of death) and nothing! No sniffles, cold, flu..nadda. Either I am one lucky girl, or this Ginsing is some powerful stuff.
Here are the pills actual claims:
Siberian Ginseng is thought to create activity in the immune system by stimulating T-cell production. It is has shown an ability to improve blood lipid levels. It is considered an adaptogen and anti-oxidant. It is attributed with hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory; and vasodilator activities. It is thought to increase energy and negate stress. Traditionally, in Chinese medicine it is used to reinforce Qi and invigorate the function of the Spleen and Kidney. It is thought to have a calming effect on the nerves.”
As for the stress—I don’t usually get too stressed, so I can’t praise it for that. Ummm the Spleen and Kidneys...seem to be up and running.
ANYWAY... I think it works, and as all people who know me can attest, I am generally right. :)

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