Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UWO: In response

In this ever-changing world of tech-savvy individuals, it may appear as though we have reached the end of conventional media as we knew it. Are we losing good ol' fashioned forms of television, radio, and print, and is it welcomed? Bit Torrentz and downloading, to some, are stealing from those who produced it, but it is so much more. The consumer is changing at a rapid pace. We are provided the ability to customize our viewing options. Regular people are developing and evolving into media critics and now, more than ever, have an incredible amount of outlets to do so. Today there are entirely new sets of opportunities, new places to safely state your opinion, your view, AND BE HEARD.

With new and frequently emerging trends, many have been predicting the fall of traditional communication. We have to wonder what our increasingly wired, (or wireless), world will look like in this age of "instant information gratification?". The CBC's pop culture specialist Jian Ghomeshi explores the fate of mass media questioning whether we are nearing a world without television, radio or print in "THE END", a three-part series on CBC Newsworld.

This is not a fad--Today we leave our homes with our wallet, Ipod, and cell phone. Rarely do we leave home with our TV. Information and entertainment are avalible wirelessly. Books can be downloaded rather than carried around, information can be retrieved when and where we want it. While it is perhaps the end of what we see as conventional watching, reading, or listening. It it not the end. It is the beginning of SOMETHING ELSE, something NEW.

Personally, I cannot fathom a world where user created content displaces traditional media, now or ever. Bloggers and podcasters provide us with their take on the media. But no matter how far we progress, we still crave professionally presented media-- We still need a starting point.

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