Monday, April 6, 2009


A symbol of North American nourishment, indulgence. Tempting, charming, cunning, decorated, delicious, lavish, initially satisfying, supported by a foundation of connotations, ideologies and clever, seething marketing. Initially satisfying, and ultimately regrettable. When you pierce through all of that...

What is that cupcake, ultimately? What are its contributions, and how does it assist you? Is it a true friend, or a charming and poorly influential superficial party hound, ready to bring you down with a smile on her face and a tequila shot in his palm?

make the world an intricate place. Like a sheer diamond faceted with sharp claws, truth is found amongst layers of distraction. Eat the cupcake, shoot the shot, Enjoy your life and its beautiful Illusions and fabricated foundations, but don't be "Punk'd".

Evil speaks with trickery, and it wins when you're naive and dazzled, awestruck at its paradoxical beauty, and left a diseased fool. Consciousness of both sides of the coin, and nothing can touch you. Have your cake, and eat it.