Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skrew Earth Day

Hey Greenies,

Did I catch your attention? Treating the earth the same way society objectifies women? I smell an MIT essay topic.
Ok, don`t ''Skrew'' Earth Day... Just don`t make it the only day of the year you decide to do something kind for sweet, sweet mother earth. :)

I agree (at least in principle) with the idea that our collective responsibility is a 24/7/365 commitment, not just a day. Same goes for Earth Hour, which, although impressive with respect to its results, in my mind can engender the idea that it’s enough to do it just for an hour, rather than making a permanent practice of reducing our energy consumption. The neo-eco movement can feel at times like a form of cultural greenwashing, what with all the new dubiously “green” products and marketing campaigns that seem to be cropping up everywhere one turns these days.

Cynical? Perhaps... (sounds like someone describing any relationship advice I have to offer). But why Rebecca, SOMETHING is far better than NOTHING. And I agree. For me, in the end it all comes back to personal responsibility. Am I an eco-perfectionist? Hellz no. But I also believe that we can all put in a little more effort, it will make a great difference.


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  2. I like =)

    Mother Earth. She's hot... but not like that.